gather and grow

Homegrown, hand-spun living in the city

I have been writing for as long as I can remember. Back in my parents’ house, there is a high stack of journals, filled from cover to cover with fine, pencil-grey cursive. An introvert child and teenager, I grew accustomed to making sense of the world through writing. When I became passionate about “making the world a better place,” I did that, too, through writing. But on pages that were never shared with anyone else. I have done plenty of professional writing that has been published, of course, but that’s different. My personal writing voice has always remained largely private.

Which is why I’m slightly trepidatious about this move from the pencil to the “publish” button. But I have felt, for some time now, that I need to move out of pages that no one will ever see, and into a space that allows for conversation and exchange. If for no other reason, then because I myself have benefited so much in the last few years from the kind of cross-pollination that the wonderful world of the web makes possible. I have picked up information and ideas and skills like a sponge, leading me to explore pursuits that I would not even had considered two months earlier, and have so much fun in the process. I have connected with people I have much to learn from, and been inspired by them. Like many others, I witness a momentum growing, an unnamed and multifaceted movement of individuals and communities working on transforming themselves and the world at an unprecedented moment in humanity’s history. That momentum motivates me in all that I do, and what I document here is, I hope, my small way of contributing to it.

So here I am. I thank you in advance for your patience while I stumble and hesitatingly, clumsily explore this new writing voice of mine that is both personal and public.

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