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We had frost last night. Some of the less hardy plants in the garden seemed quite traumatized in the morning. The water in the chickens’ waterer was frozen. The unusual cold only adds to the feeling that I normally get around this time in January – the feeling that winter is getting just a little too long, and spring seems just a little too far away. For which my recommended remedy is: pull out the seed catalogs and start planning for the spring and summer garden!

gardenplanning There’s a reason why gardeners affectionately refer to seed catalogs as “garden porn.” Flipping through the Seed Savers Exchange catalog, for example, makes you drool over the photos of hundreds of imaginatively shaped, brightly colored and simply awesome-looking vegetables, and taste their funny names on your tongue (Miniature Chocolate bell pepper! Two Inch Strawberry popcorn! Minnesota Midget melon!). I begin to imagine the potentiality of colors, shapes, and flavors that will be bursting out of every corner of the garden in just a few months. I start figuring out their placement using my old-fashioned map-and-pencil system, which is like playing musical chairs: factoring in sun and shade, soil needs, spacing, what companion plants each of them like, time to harvest etc. I start thinking about how to trellis the beans this year, and then start fantasizing about what varieties of tomato, garlic and basil will make the most flavorful pesto, and before I know it I feel almost as if I could just reach out and pick it all and…

…and then I remember that we’re just getting started here.seedingIntroducing the first brave candidates of this year: arugula, endive, parsley, and four kinds of lettuce! They will get a good start, safe from frost, in the warmth and comfort of our sunny dining room for the first weeks. Now all we need is sunshine, water, and patience for a few months…

6 thoughts on “Spring garden planning

  1. Heikki says:

    Moi Rakas Siskoni!

    Tämähän on mahtava sivusto, kertakaikkiaan! Tosi tyylikkäästi tehty ja tosi mukava lukea noita sun ajatuksia… Luin kaikki merkinnät ku jäin vähän koukkuun! Kirjoitat upeaa tekstiä ja siitä inspiroituu monella tasolla. Oon kyllä ihan törkeen ylpeä susta, oon tosin aina ollu, mutta on sulla tyttö agendaa ja visiota. Kyllä mä sut ristisin heittämällä “Woman of soil (& soul)”-tittelillä. Anna palaa vaan, tää on tosi hyvä juttu Mari! Toivottavasti mahd moni löytää tänne! Kiitos!


    1. Mari says:

      Kiitos veli kannustuksesta! Hyvä jos olet tykännyt tähänastisesta — tämä on nimittäin vasta alkua, ja lisää on tulossa!

  2. Daniela Blei says:

    Mari! Congratulations on the beautiful blog! (And nice haircut!) I’ve had a crazy week and did not get a chance to sit down and really read until this morning. The blog is fabulous!!!
    You are my inspiration for a spring garden. I don’t have much experience, so I am looking forward to learning right here.
    Hugs from SF.

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