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I think I’ve been raving about this before, but the phenomenon that I call the Pacific Northwest winter monsoon brings out an astonishing emerald greenery around here. And when you look closer, it turns out that a lot of it is moss. Moss creeping out everywhere, fragile but determined: on tree trunks, rooftops, stone walls, wooden fences, gutters, the concrete slabs of the sidewalk… Really anything, it seems, that stops moving for a long enough period. Here are some treasures from a wintery afternoon walk.mossy tree  stone wall mossWhen you look even closer, it looks like miniature islands…moss islands…or thick miniature forests. One into which I would love to wander and get lost.moss forests

One thought on “Closeups: moss

  1. I love seeing moss, except for on the brick portion of my exterior wall of my apartment building. Your pictures of the moss are gorgeous, I never thought to photograph any even though we have quite a bit around here.

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