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eggOur ladies have been taking a winter break from laying eggs. But in the last few days, we’ve heard suspiciously familiar sounds from the direction of the chicken coop, as though they were starting to remember the whole egg-laying business again, and to rehearse the unmistakable proud yodle with which they greet every new egg. So we’ve been checking the nesting boxes more regularly, and this is what I found there this morning. Thanks, girls — just in time for my homemade mayonnaise experiments!

2 thoughts on “First egg of the spring!

  1. That is so nice but these Spring posts remind me that here in New Zealand we are getting dangerously close to losing our Summer 🙂

    1. Mari says:

      And I, for my part, appreciate that reminder of what it means to be writing to a global readership: while spring is approaching here and gardens (and egg-laying instincts) are waking up, other gardens elsewhere are being harvested and put to sleep for the winter. It’s all the stages of the cycle going on simultaneously… I like that image.

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