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Recently I read an article that solidified my resolve to take a look at my habits around electronic media, and work on establishing some healthy boundaries. The mixed blessings of the latest technologies have been a common topic of conversation lately: how exactly is the experience of constantly receiving and reacting to stimuli, constantly having access and being accessible, constantly tapping one glowing rectangle or another, affecting us psychologically and even neurologically — not to mention affecting our relationships with one another? I’m probably as addicted to the internet and e-mail as anyone, and am working on reclaiming some of that time and space for other things, becoming more intentional about how I spend my day. But instead of framing this negatively as withdrawal, or prohibitions (“no internet” periods), why not simultaneously think of it as remembering and reclaiming all those ways of spending time and having fun that DON’T require any technology? If you’re looking for ideas, here are some that a) will cost you nothing, and b) can be powered solely by your own life energy!

  • read a book (in daylight)swing
  • go for a walk in the park
  • go swinging
  • make music with friends
  • tell stories
  • take a nap
  • dance!
  • stretch or do yoga
  • browse books on your favorite subject at a library
  • go peoplewatching
  • play with your pets, friends or kids
  • meditate
  • make love
  • knit
  • play a board game
  • plant some seeds
  • volunteer

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