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Homegrown, hand-spun living in the city

We’re moving from Portland tomorrow. Everything we own is packed up and ready to be trucked across the continent. As exhausted as we are, I’m also feeling lighter because of all the shedding and organizing that this move motivated me to do. We’ve eaten the last of the fava beans and the first of the strawberries from the garden, given away the composting worms, said goodbye to friends, and had our last taste of some of Portland’s greatest treats. And now we’re embarking on a new adventure.

It will be two and a half months before we have a home again. For in addition to driving our car across the US to South Carolina, we also need to go to India for a few weeks for our research. Yes, India. It’s the place where Dan and I met, and where we have both lived for long periods of time, so we’re pretty comfortable there. The only part that makes me feel slightly trepidatious is that this is a lot of movement and uprooting for one summer — especially for someone who thought she had exhausted her wanderlust, and has been so eager to put down roots. But I think it’ll make settling in our new home in August even sweeter.

What this means for Gather & Grow is that, since I won’t have a home in which to homestead, there will be fewer posts about crafts, recipes, gardening etc. in the weeks to come. Instead, I intend to share with you stories and images from some of the places I’m going to be visiting, both in the US and in India. I decided to make the most of this time of uprooting and wandering, and planned a bit of a “learning journey” to visit (and in some cases spend a while in) places along our route that we hope to learn from — organic farms, off-grid homesteads, community organizations, natural building and permaculture sites. Here’s just a teaser of some stops on our itinerary over the next few weeks:

  • the Mother Earth News Fair in Pyallup, WA
  • R-Evolution Farms in Nehalem, OR
  • a cob building course at the Cob Cottage Company in Southern Oregon
  • The Possibility Alliance in Missouri
  • Navdanya Farm organic farm and seed-saving institute in Dehra Dun, North India

It should be quite a tour. Stay tuned!

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