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Feet in DelftOur four feet have walked on many kinds of terrain in the last two and a half months of nomadic living. They trod clay, sand and straw as we learned how to build a house out of cob in Oregon. They walked on fields tilled by draft horses at the Possibility Alliance. They dug deep into mountain soil while we volunteered at a biodiversity conservation farm in North India, climbed up and down the mud embankments created to harvest water in drought-prone Rajasthan, and marveled at the fertile, dark red soil on an Indian permaculture farm. Most recently, they wandered around cobblestone streets and pedaled bikes in Holland. And now, a few days ago, we finally arrived at the final stop — the door of our new home, a lovely little light-green bungalow in Columbia, South Carolina. Whew… What a summer!

To tell you the truth, the most exhausting and overwhelming part was not the travel itself, or even the intensity and variety of our experiences. It was coming back — and moving into a new home and starting a new life. We love our new space, but being jetlagged (and, in my case, suffering from a stomach bug that was India’s farewell present to me) and surrounded by boxes and unable to find the kitchen knives or the iron when they are needed while starting a new job and at the same time trying to get to know our new city… I’ve felt more scatter-brained and tired than I ever did during our travels.

Now, thankfully, we’ve begun to regain our sense of centeredness, and I finally have the energy to start thinking about delicious things such as setting up a garden in the backyard, or doing something other than the bare minimum in the kitchen. Today I made granola and our favorite late summer soup, and ordered worms for the worm compost. Tomorrow we are going to check out the all-local farmers’ market, and then pick up supplies for household cleaners at the old-school general store.

Soon, very soon, I will be in a place where I can start sharing with you the story of the Making of Our New Home.

2 thoughts on “The ground beneath our feet

  1. Sonia says:

    Hurray for little bungalows! So happy that you are home. Love & Blessings, S.

    1. Mari says:

      Thank you Sonia! Love and blessings to you as well!

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