gather and grow

Homegrown, hand-spun living in the city

If I ever start a bakery café, that’s what it’ll be called. Featuring baked goods made with home ground flour and coffee made with home ground beans — and we’ll use the coffee grounds for compost to make more “home ground”…

Our hand-powered grain mill was one of those investments I haven’t ever regretted. (It was an investment — we got the Country Living mill which is a mid-range grain mill, but Lehman’s has a number of models in different price ranges). In the last year since we got it, we’ve baked more bread than ever before. We’ve used the fresh whole wheat flour in pizzas, muffins, and cakes; we’ve ground toasted quinoa into flour for gluten-free treats; and with the coarser settings ground corn into polenta, or whole flax seeds into a finer mix. grinding grinding2The grain mill will come in handy one day if we ever get our off-grid cob cottage. But planning for a low-energy future was only a secondary consideration for us; we were simply seduced by the flavor of freshly ground grains. Most of the commercial flour that is sold in stores has been sitting on the shelves for a LONG time, and then sits some more on our shelves. Flour (particularly whole wheat flour) goes stale and even rancid. If you love bread and other baked goods as much as we do, why not go for the best quality possible?grinding3I love the act of slowly working towards the end product, seeing the little mounds of powdery flour accumulate and the finest white dust covering the table, the mill, and my hands. Not to mention it’s good exercise for the arm muscles!grinding4grinding5

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