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I didn’t wake up yesterday thinking I was going to do canning that day. But, while at the Rosewood Market, I stumbled upon an irresistible offering from the neighborhood: cooking pears from store owner Basil’s back yard, 29 cents a pound. Just one thought — since I didn’t get around to making apple butter this fall, why don’t I make it with pears? — and a few moments later, I was happily on my way home with my loot. pearbutterYou see, for the last two winters, the apple butter I’ve made using the recipe in Ashley English’ Canning and Preserving book has been the delight of my winter mornings. The spices in it — cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, ginger — awaken in me sensory memories of my mother baking gingerbread cookies before Christmas, of warm socks and cozy anticipation. Whether on toast or dolloped on top of yoghurt, it’s made early breakfasts in the dim pre-dawn light of winter feel warm and sweet, something worth getting up for.pearbutter-2pearbutter-3And this year, it’s going to be pear butter! I will enjoy knowing that the pears came from trees in our neighborhood. And that I got a winter’s worth of pear butter for less than two dollars.

2 thoughts on “Canning without planning: Pear butter

  1. Spring says:

    I made Ashley’s apple butter last weekend – glad to know it works with pears!

  2. Mari says:

    Hi Spring — enjoy the apple butter!

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