gather and grow

Homegrown, hand-spun living in the city

…the first seedlings of our spring garden, that is! spring seeds-3Since all our winter greens got chowed down completely by some eager furry creature(s) with big teeth, I figured I might as well start the spring garden — there’s plenty of space in the raised beds now! I must say I’ve been so happy having my hands full of fragrant soil and opening and closing seed packets and thinking about future food. It feels so symbolic: new beginnings. There’s much to look forward to in the coming months.spring seedsThese guys — lettuce, arugula, onions and herbs — will of course be first nurtured indoors until they’re strong enough to be transplanted out. In the past, we’ve used a grow light system to start seedlings indoors and will probably set it up again in February when we’ll be planting even more, but for right now I am relishing the fact that we have… a sunroom!

spring seeds-5This room, with its gorgeous large southwest-facing windows, gets sun all afternoon and is the warmest room in the house. Although we use it for other purposes too (ahem… read: I’m taking over my husband’s office, one seedling flat at a time), this spring it will become the closest thing to an actual greenhouse I’ve ever had. And if you knew how dark the previous two houses I’ve lived in were, built with no thought of passive solar design, you’d understand why I’m so excited. Here’s to the power of good, warm, bright natural sunlight!

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