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In the last days of being pregnant, I cast on my “labor project”: a cardigan for the baby, made with the silk yarn I spun this winter for that purpose. Someone had recommended that I have a project in mind — something relaxing and not too physically demanding — to keep my hands and mind occupied while waiting for labor to start. And thank goodness I followed that advice, since it was a long wait!silkcardigan3The pattern I chose is Mini Manu by Kate Davies (Ravelry link), a pleated yoke cardigan. It was perfect for this project: simple enough to bring out the best of such slightly fuzzy, slightly uneven yarn as my homespun silk was, yet complex enough to knit that it kept me engrossed in the work — especially since I had to learn several new techniques to complete it: the nine-stitch pleat, i-cord bind-off, and buttonholes. The smallest size, 0-6 months, is fairly loose on my newborn but should fit great later in the summer when we’re in the cooler North.silkcardigan2If I have ever created something slowly and lovingly and painstakingly, putting into every stitch my longing and care for the recipient of the end product, this is it. The recipient herself has not yet shared with me how she feels about it. But I dare to guess that the fuzzy, yet incredibly soft feel of the silk should feel nice on tender baby skin.

3 thoughts on “Labor of love

  1. Lois Field says:

    Congratulations on your bundle of joy and I’m sure your baby will enjoy the silk sweater when it’s cooler.

  2. Congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful girl! How lucky she is to be wrapped in so much handmade love!

  3. I love the idea of making something so special at such an important time, making something for the baby you’re in labor with. Amazing!

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