gather and grow

Homegrown, hand-spun living in the city

There’s much that’s been happening and evolving over here. Preparing for and teaching homesteading classes, plotting a permaculture venture with a couple of friends that I hope to be able to share with you in the near future, crafting, cooking good food, planning a trip to Asheville next week, getting ready to welcome the winter. And making sure that a certain five-month-old is healthy and happy and well-fed and well-loved. On some days, that is my one achievement. And I think that is as it should be.

But on days that I do get something else done, this is what I’ve been up to:



… the potatoes we planted in potato bags on our stoop shot up in a few days, almost faster than we could hill them up and keep unrolling the edge of the bag up. If they grow as well as they did last time, that’ll a lot of calories per square foot.



… these friendly birds fly above my little one’s crib (that’s her perspective in the photo). I modeled the mobile on something I saw online, though I now can’t seem to find where that was. But I’ll tell you that it was a lot of fun to make. All that was needed was felt, cotton balls, fishing line, and an old clothes hanger.



… starting this winter’s first knitting project and reading Courtney White’s inspiring Grass, Soil, Hope about carbon sequestration in soils.



… Fermentation station! Sauerkraut and kimchi jars — a sure sign of fall.



… A blog crush – Green Kitchen Stories – has gotten me more excited about cooking than I have been for a while. Actually, I got completely tired of my cooking repertoire while I was pregnant, and have been looking for new sources of inspiration ever since. Well, here it is. I want to cook my way through their entire recipe index!! Starting with Vegetarian Pho from their newest cookbook (see recipe here, with a chance to win the cookbook) and the Fat Almond Pancake for breakfast today. An almond version of the oven pancake I grew up eating — that’s how you win this girl over!

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