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Homegrown, hand-spun living in the city

Midwinter is the time for bright colors. When the landscape outside is resting, with the subdued neutral colors and quietness of winter, introducing a splash of color into our days brings with it uplifting energy… something we could all use a little bit right now, yes?

The new winter colorway, now available in my little yarn shop, is just that: bold, bright, and joyful. I created strong reds, greens, yellows, blues, and browns — all with natural dyes derived from plants — perfect for warm winter woolens. As before, the yarns are all 100% domestic wool milled in North Carolina. The fiber for the indigo (blue) yarns is also sourced regionally, from fiber farms in North Carolina. And here are the dyes:

  • butterscotch brown: black walnuts all gathered here in Columbia, SC
  • yellow: marigold flowers from my dye gardens
  • coral red/orange: madder root, partially sourced from my dye gardens
  • deep sky blue: indigo (not local)
  • forest green: basil from my garden, overdyed with indigo

I can attest to the energizing effect of these colors. My home doubles as my dye studio, so for the last few weeks I’ve had these splashes of bright color around the house at various stages of the dye process  — yarns being dyed, rinsed, drying, being re-skeined — making sure no day or no room is too dull. I particularly love the almost-electric blue of the NC-grown indigo yarns, and the lively variation across the skein, from lighter to darker shades, on the forest green and madder red Merino yarns.wintercolors-4wintercolors-2
If these yarns are calling out to you and your knitting needles, or you want to support ecologically responsible, locally sourced textile culture, or just want to learn more, please visit my Etsy shop. Happy Winter days, folks!

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