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In all honesty, I was prepared for my “bread from trees” to be, at best, just palatable. I had actually never tasted anything made out of acorns until now. My acorn baking was an experiment, and one that I thought would require a heroic adjustment of the palate.

But I was wrong. Both the bread and the pancakes I’ve made in the last few days with home-made acorn flour had a mildly sweet, nutty flavor that kept me and my family reaching out for more. Now that I think of it, a similar fragrance filled the kitchen as I was boiling the acorns to leach out the tannin. It reminded me of caramel sauce.acornbakingacornbaking-2

There it is — a rustic-looking loaf of bread, fresh out of the oven. I made it by modifying a simple cornbread recipe, substituting acorn flour for corn meal. I did still use some whole wheat flour, too, for both the pancakes and the bread, thinking that our digestive system needed a slower introduction to a new type of food. But now I think I’m ready to try 100% acorn… my next loaf will be called Naked Acorn Bread.

Happy weekend, everyone!

One thought on “Acorn bread & pancakes

  1. Your photography is beautiful. The acorn flour sounds interesting.

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